Sunday, September 7, 2014

Negative thoughts

They pour down on me,
heavily all around.
Paralyzing my mind at times,
creating utter confusion, sometimes.

I struggle and wriggle,
trying to escape.
But their long tentacles,
always find a way!

Sometimes I try to ignore,
using an umbrella as cover.
But the wind, blows too strong,
The cover does not stand long.

Being friends, din't help either,
it made me sad and sorrow.
Fighting din't work out also,
it made them stronger!

This cycle just goes on,
I still haven't found an answer.
Can't we ever make peace?
When can we finally move on?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Whats up?

Sorry for being away for so long . Before the month of april goes by let me update the happenings till now.

For starters I switched jobs…yes finally. I think everyone who has gone through my posts ( even one or 2 posts I guess) would know how satisfied :P I was. So this was a welcome change and I am really really happy (touchwood)

Suvi and I have also shifted to a new house. So the past few weeks was mostly packing/unpacking/getting a feel of the new office.With all this going on, I was hardly left with anytime to blog. Now I am more or less settled. So,hopefully this blog should see more of me in the coming days…

Till then ..take care and have fun!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Balancing Side.

Continuing with the train of thoughts from my last post…..

Though we expect and hope for something better almost always, we do have this other side to us. The side which reminds us, that “things aren’t all that bad and we are doing just fine”. I call it the “balancing side”. Whenever things don’t quite swing in your way, you can hear this voice in your head which tells you a whole lot of things ( depending on the situation that is). Sometimes you may hear a “ You did not get great scores, but see you are among the top 6!!”  or a “ Its not that bad a job afterall, there are people who are in a worse off situation.” At other times it could be a “ You are far better off being single anyway!” and so on and so forth.

Life seriously has its own way of getting the message across. The message – “ Happiness is just a state of mind” .You don’t need material things to be happy and satisfied all the time. Makes sense?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Expectations from a lifetime!!

It seeps in at a tender age..I mean one's hopes and expectations.

As a child we wish for better( better than your cousin's or friend's) toys. A few years later marks replace toys, because you need to live up to your parents expectations and make it through a reputed institution ( nothing less will do). You grow up a little more and now you are wishing for a good university. Some years later it is a good job that you want. Fast forward your life a little more and now it is a better job that figures right at the top in your wish list.

Meanwhile you are also hoping to meet your dream soul mate, raise a brilliant kid and what not! Add more years  and then we want to own a decent house.Going forward you will need a bigger and a better house.

Then comes the time, when your kid is all grown up and you want him to get the best job in the world. Maybe after that, get him/her married to the best girl/guy on the planet. What after that?? Grandkids ofcourse!! What about retirement?? Definitely you are looking at a life of luxury after you retire. And then maybe just maybe some of us might even wish for a painless death, while you are sleeping preferrably. What then? Does it end there?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Questions I Ask.

When and Where?
Now or Then?
Why and How?
Stop and Bow!

What and Who?
This or Those?
Them and me?
Let me be!

These or that?
Whom and Why?
He or She?
It will be Me!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Deccan Chargers!!!

IPL3 has begun and I am supporting Deccan Chargers once again!! ( Frankly is there any other team worth supporting?? ;) ) Although they lost their first match, they’ve come right back and won the second one with a good margin. I hope they repeat their last years performance :D.

By the way, I was rooting for them in the first season of IPL as well. So, I am no fair weather friend or fan rather… Go Gilly Go!!!!

Any DC fans out there???

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This and that..

I got a lappy way back in 2007, but its only been a mere handful number of times that I have used it. Seriously! Some engineer I am huh?? Frankly I have never been an extremely tech savvy person. I am not a net addict either. That also explains why I am so regular at blogging! But tell me after spending an insane amount of time in front of a pc at office, why should I come back and do that all over again, when I am not even being paid for it!

I am more of a chip from the old block. Give me a notebook and a pen and it feels like heaven ( Na..not even a type writer for me…..yes!! I am that old!) Throw me in a book store, (sometimes even a stationary store will do) and it feels like bliss :). Sometimes I think I was a librarian in my past birth, considering my love for books and being surrounded by them. Maybe the next season of ‘Raaz Pichle Janam Ka’ might have me confirming that.

Talking about books, I am currently reading ‘In cold blood’ by Truman Capote. I had seen the movie Capote earlier, but I think the book is more interesting. I know the movie wasn’t based on the book, so there can’t be any comparison. ‘Uncle Dynamite’ was the book I was reading before ‘In Cold Blood’. A typical Wodehouse story. I loved it ! I don’t think I can ever get tired of his books. I think I need to search for a decent library now, because the rate at which I am collecting books I shall soon run out of space :)